Maelstrom - Titanium

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This spinner is made from Titanium and stainless steel.  The housing is machined from a solid Titanium billet.  The ring is what makes it special.  The ring is made from 303 stainless steel.  We use a 10 ton broach to generate the teeth on the ring.  We then shrink it in liquid nitrogen and insert it into the housing.  There is no adhesive, screws or welds holding it in place.  Pressure from the shrink fit holds it firmly in place.  We have chosen an r188zz bearing for the Maelstrom.  The caps are also 303 stainless steel and are a little larger than our other spinners.  The diameter is 2.45" and the thickness is .52" at the caps.  The weight of the Ti Maelstrom is 71 grams.

This spinner is manufactured and assembled in the Pacific Northwest, USA.