Cerakote Color Catalog

Cerakote comes in a wide variety of color options. We keep a large selection of the most popular colors in stock, however, if you do not see what you're looking for, please contact us. We will be happy to order a color specifically for your project. 
Firehouse Red   USMC Red   Hi Vis Orange   Tequila Sunrise   Copper   Hunter Orange   Corvette Yellow   Gold   Squatch Green   Zombie Green   Highland Green   Northern Lights    Sky Blue   Aztec Teal   Robin's Egg Blue   
NRA Blue   Blue Raspberry   Kel-Tec Navy Blue   Bright Purple   Wild Purple   Purplexed   Champagne Pink   Bubble Gum Pink   Sangria   Sig Pink   Prison Pink   Desert Sand      Chocolate Brown   Midnight Bronze   Army Green
Gloss Black   Armor Black   Graphite Black   Multicam Dark Grey   Silver   Battleship Grey   HIdden White   Stormtrooper White   High Gloss Clear   Matte Clear   

Cerakote's Entire H Series Color Catalog

UV (Black Light) Reactive Colors

These are fresh and vibrant colors by day. Turn on the blacklight and these colors turn into bright, glowing neon reminiscent of 70's black light posters.

**Please note that these are NOT a-glow-in-the-dark product**

Parakeet Green    Pink Sherbet    H-324 Citron          Glow Samples