Mini Falcon (Custom)

Mini Falcon (Custom)

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These are titanium spinners that are anodized by in house artist Allison Miles.  The prices vary based on the amount of time necessary to achieve the desired result.  Please keep in mind that this is an imperfect process and there may be some color inconsistencies in places.  Each one is a snowflake!

Custom pieces can be made at similar costs to listed items. We also offer the option to custom finish titanium items you already own. For further information, please click the 'contact us' link at the bottom of the page.


This spinner is modeled from our first generation Falcon spinner, but it's so much more.  The housing is crafted from solid titanium.  Titanium is a lightweight super durable material.  The length is 2.25" (the original Falcon is 2.75").  The width is .250 (the original Falcon is .350).  The caps are constructed from 303 stainless and include an integrated threaded post like all of our caps.  The weight is 53 grams (our stainless is 77 grams for comparison).  The big upgrade comes in the bearing.  The Mini Falcon uses the same r188zz bearing that gives our Maelstrom spinner such great performance. 

This spinner is manufactured and assembled in the Pacific Northwest, USA.