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Inertia takes the concept of a gyroscope and incorporates a bearing system to facilitate rotation.  A post lies in the center of the assembly.  The disc is connected to the post through the bearing at the core.  Inertia's gyroscopic effect is delivered through the rotation of the disc around the core.  A yoyo string is used as a rip cord to spin up the disc.  

Once placed on a surface after launch, the post will begin to spin faster.  Eventually the inner and outer parts will equalize and settle. If you push Inertia around on the table top, it will begin working to get back to vertical.  If you hold it while spinning, you can feel the strong gyroscopic effects!

Inertia's components are fabricated using only high quality materials.  The central post halves are turned from grade 5 titanium. They provide a perfect canvas for the beautiful anodizing we are known for so please let us know if we can customize an Inertia for you.

The disc, bearing retention ring and ring removal tool are machined from 303 stainless steel. Machine tool paths were incorporated into the design. These swirls create an extraordinary visual when spinning.

These are the only remaining pieces from our first ever Kickstarter Campaign so we will not be making any more Inertias once inventory is gone.