Cribbage Board

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Rich worked with his team at Peregrine Manufacturing in Washington State to design, engineer and manufacture this cribbage board for Flyaway. The intent was to create a piece that can be passed down through generations. Our family has a long tradition of cribbage play.

This is a standard 3 player board with 120 peg holes per lane. All parts of the board are machined from solid Aluminum. The two halves are anodized in black and clear colors. The two halves fit snuggly together and are secured with 7 small screws. The pegs are made from Brass. There are three different peg heads to distinguish them from each other. There is a machined cap that fits with a spline to the mating area on the board. The cap is anodized black and covers the pegs when the board is not in use. This feature is very unique!

The measurements of the board are approximately 16" x 5" x 3/4". The peg caps stands 1.5" above the board and has a diameter of about 1.5".

It's possible these will be the only 10 pieces ever made in this configuration.

We truly hope this becomes a fixture in your family and that you enjoy it for years to come!