Anode Pen - Cerakote

Anode Pen - Cerakote

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This is our Anode that has been coated in Cerakote coating. 

All parts (except the spring and ink) are made from solid grade 5 titanium bar stock (not tubing).  Anode is designed to be used with Pilot G2 ink and comes with a new black cartridge.

The grip has a concave and tapered pad machined on three sides.  We tried many different designs before landing on this one.  The feel in your hand is great! We feel this is the design feature Anode will be most known for.

The J slot section is a single piece of titanium. There isn't a screw on cap. We feel this feature produces a very refined look.

For the clip we decided to machine from titanium bar as well.  It took some iteration, but we were able to arrive at what we believe is a perfect clip strength and flexibility.

Length 5.63 in (14.3 cm)

Weight 1.97 oz (56 g)