Titanium Neptune Begleri

Titanium Neptune Begleri

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The Neptune is our first Begleri.  We have taken our manufacturing expertise and tried to create a design that suits the toy.  This version is made from grade 5 titanium.  We anodize all of our titanium in house.  

Each set comes with two beads and five random 550 lb paracord lengths.  We also include a tin like we do with our spinners.

The beads are .56" (14mm) in diameter and .80" (20mm) in length.  The knot pocket is quite deep at .51" (13mm).  The weight of each set is 18g (9g per bead).  We hope you enjoy them!  

We can also customize our titanium beads or other titanium beads that you may already have!  Click the contact us link at the bottom of the page with your request for additional details.

Like everything we sell, this Begleri is manufactured in the Pacific Northwest, USA.